ARM (A-United Role Models)

ARM is a year long program where kids and adults are paired into a mentoring program. The program’s mission is to provide a meaningful life experience not only for our youth but the mentors as well. The pair will commit to communication and mentoring in addition to attendance at five scheduled events (opening and closing dinner, mid-year event, sports event, and a field trip) and they are encouraged to maintain open communication not only with their mentors but also with the case managers throughout the duration of the program. These activities enable them to expand their horizons, discover their hopes and dreams, and lead them to realize their potential.

ASAP (A-United Sports Activity Program)

ASAP is a one day event where kids interact with others their age to learn team building skills. Throughout the day the kids interact in sporting events with their various teams. Each team is led by adult volunteers and coordinators. At the end of the day the kids and their teams are rewarded with special medals for their participation in ASAP. The program involves volunteers and business donors in the community to provide the kids with special t-shirts, food, goodie bags and game equipment. These sporting activities enable the kids to gain interaction with others while building upon their teamwork skills.

ABLE (A-United Books for Literacy and Education)

ABLE provides kids with reading sessions to help build self-esteem and confidence. The program brings kids to various places to learn more about the arts and literature. Adult volunteers help guide the kids to become independent readers and thinkers. The program runs year round and includes group readings, one on one readings, journal writing and field trip events. These activities help improve the reading skills of kids by creating a stimulating learning environment.

A-United Scholarships

Scholarships are made available in three separate categories each year.
For more information about our scholarships, please check back in the fall when our applications become available.






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